Pegasus Series 7 (January-May 2014) APPLICATION

This is the Application for courses running from January to May 2014. Please note the following before applying:

1. All applicants must select one of the three courses “GoGo Beginner’s Korean”“Push It! Intermediate Korean”, or “Wang Advanced Korean”. Those who are new to Pegasus but are applying for Push It! or Wang will take a small Entry Level Test before January.

2. All applicants must select one additional course from those listed on our Courses page.

3. There is a fee of £2o (twenty GBP/British pounds). Applicants will be sent information regarding payment upon receipt of their Application.




Full name:




Desired Courses:

Languages spoken (including native/mother tongues):

Level of Korean:

Level of English (note: most courses are taught only in English, with the exception of Push It! and Wang):

New to Pegasus?: Yes/No (if No, please give your Student Number)

E-mail Address:

Skype ID (this must be given in order to be added to most of the ‘classrooms’):

Reason(s) for applying:


Please send your completed Application to the Secretary at (the Secretary’s working hours are 9am-5pm BST, Monday-Friday, excluding major holidays).


Thank you,

The Pegasus Team.



3 thoughts on “Pegasus Series 7 (January-May 2014) APPLICATION

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